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Are your efforts on social media actually converting readers into customers?

Posted on Tue December 10, 2019.

At Eco Africa Digital we help you develop a social media strategy that engages the right customers and gets them to book directly on your website.

Strength in numbers or quality over quantity? The conversion funnel reveals all.

Phase 1: Reach

The process of converting readers into paying customers starts with good quality social content and ads distributed widely. You want your content to be cast out like a net – far and wide –  reaching literally thousands of people, so you can be sure it reaches the right people: those who are ready to engage.

Phase 2: Engagement

If your target market finds your content interesting and relatable, you’ll get good engagement through likes, comments, shares and retweets. Depending on the social platform and how you react to their engagement, your business will remain top of mind for them. All it takes is one or two likes or comments on a beautifully designed post or a special offer and your target market will be ready to say, ‘I want to know more’. At this point, you should make it very easy for them to take action. Your targeted website content should be one tap away.

Phase 3: Website visits

The people that end up on your website are already engaged and interested. They are now looking for a reason to believe in your campaign or company. Everything on your website – from the structure and the design elements to the copy – should be telling your story and driving your prospective customers to the Book Now button. Doing this in a subtle and meaningful way is an art and it takes practice to master it.

Phase 4: Direct bookings

The proof is in the bookings. You will have started out with thousands of people in the Reach phase and you will have lost some along the way, ending up with only a few that actually book – but you will have the right few. These are the people that already have a connection with your brand. They are likely to love and respect your unique offering, stay for longer, book again, and maybe even spread the word. If they have a good experience at your guest house or lodge, and they decide to tell people about it on that social platform where they first had this positive engagement, they will likely expand your reach for you – to people just like them. The process starts again, but with better chances of success.

 At Eco Africa Digital we go through our clients’ funnel reports with them every month, to show them how many people were reached and where their direct bookings came from. We refine our approach and measure the effects to keep optimising the strategy for each client. If you’re interested to find out how we can create inspiring content that converts your readers into paying guests, click here and get in touch with us.