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How targeted blogs gave a quick boost to website traffic.

The challenge: Get traffic flowing to Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge’s new website

When Eco Africa Digital delivered a beautiful new website to Orange River destination Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge, they loved it – but they just had one question: ‘How do we get people to visit it and find out what we’re about?’

Eco Africa Digital gets to work:

There are many ways to tie a fly, navigate white water rapids on the Orange River, and boost web traffic. We suggested Gkhui Gkhui start with targeted blogs, created by Eco Africa Digital’s professional copywriters. Content is key to a successful online presence. It doesn’t just improve your position in Google’s search ranking, but it gives people something new and interesting to read on a regular basis, and a reason to visit your website.

Working within Gkhui Gkhui’s budget, we set one of our copywriters to start writing monthly about Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge and what it offers – from what guests can expect, to what’s happening on the farm. EAD then promoted each new blog post through Gkhui Gkhui’s social media channels to help more interested people and potential guests find it. In addition, we wrote and designed engaging posts to encourage people to click through to the website and read more.

The result: Fast, sustained growth in website traffic 

After just 3 targeted blog posts of this kind, posted over 3 months, Gkhui Gkhui has seen a sustained increase of 34% in its average monthly website traffic as a direct result – not to mention improved reach and engagement on social media.

Their mandate to us now: ‘Keep going!’

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