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    The Salene: A Branding Success Story

BRAND & DIRECT BOOKINGS: The Salene Boutique Hotel & Venue

The Salene, nestled amidst Stellenbosch’s best wine farms in the heart of the Devon Valley, needed a brand refresh. Having recently changed owners and rebranded from Zarose, we knew it was important to differentiate this luxury accommodation offering from the many other options in the area. When your competitors all boast stunning scenery, luxurious stays, an incredible location and many great self-catering options and wedding venues to boot, standing out of the crowd can be a challenge. Our solution? Tell the best story.

Eco Africa Digital gets to work

With social media marketing and paid ads expertise already in our arsenal, Eco Africa Digital set out to tell a story that would make our marketing efforts shine. The name Salene rang a bell in one of our team member’s minds: making her think of mythology and mysticism. Coupled with a site visit that revealed stunning statues of the wild feminine by Roberto Vaccardo and a unique viewing deck set over a private dam that reflects the sky above it, an idea was born: the melding of mythic and modern in an otherworldly brand story.

Meet The Salene: Where myth blooms anew

Drawing on The Salene’s fundamental unique selling points: luxury accommodation with a modern aesthetic at a boutique hotel as well as 8 well-appointed self-catering cottages, a wedding and events venue with incomparable views, and its location a stone’s throw from Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands, we crafted a brand story that would elate and entice future guests:

"Inspired by Selene, the mythological goddess said to be the moon incarnate, our take on a Stellenbosch boutique hotel harnesses the wild feminine to craft a sanctuary that is nurturing, secluded, lush and abundant. From spectacular rooms to a wedding venue that showcases the winelands at its best, we’ve ensured that here, luxury reigns supreme.

Guests are invited to take advantage of our private transportation and shuttle services to Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas. Entrust us with catering to your every travel whim while you focus on rejuvenating your senses and soaking in the serenity of Devon Valley."

 - From The Salene’s updated website

This brand story allowed us to position The Salene as Stellenbosch’s hottest, high-end accommodation offering, radiating nurture and abundance while weaving a tale of sanctuary, elation, and rejuvenation. Guests are invited to shrug off city cares and immerse themselves in the otherworld of the Devon Valley, a world where modern comforts meet mythical luxury.

A Brand That Stands Out in Social Media’s Crowded Room

Now that we knew who The Salene was, it was time to create the visuals that would stop the scroll, and stick in people’s minds. Our solution? Let images be the star, telling a full story with witty touches that articulate the underlying brand story. Image motifs include moons showing up as light fixtures and in place of the midday sun and Grecian statues showing up as visitors to the boutique hotel or swooning on the events deck.

The Technical Experts Take Over

Now that the Salene is strutting her stuff visually on social media and weaving her tale on the world wide web, our team of digital marketing and paid ads specialists are hard at work to ensure the Google-gods smile upon us and show The Salene to guests searching for an immersive stay in Stellenbosch.

While it is still early days for this blooming brand, we are certain that this boutique hotel is going places. We can’t wait to continue our journey together, telling their story with cutting-edge digital marketing strategy. Wondering what can result from pairing an incredible product with a specialist marketing team for tourism? The statistics speak for themselves.

6 Months In: Here's What Compelling Digital Marketing Has Achieved

6 months after signing with Eco Africa Digital, The Salene’s monthly marketing ROI increased by 5x, consisting of direct bookings via their own website. They courted over 700 requests for events in the following year and secured almost 50 confirmed event bookings for their current year.

Concerted effort throughout the funnel by both our creative and technical teams resulted in high ROI for The Salene by directly impacting the number of direct bookings and bed nights sold.

Eager to delve into The Salene’s otherworld? We don’t blame you. Book a luxury stay here.

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