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Best Practices for Marketing Sustainable Tourism: Targeting the Right Audience for Success

Posted by Lizanne on Thu July 11, 2024 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

Discover how Eco Africa Digital targets the right audience for our new sustainable tourism client. Learn why Millennials are key to boosting your online presence and drive bookings with strategic digital marketing.

Setting Up a Sustainable Tourism Product for Success

At Eco Africa Digital, we’re thrilled to embark on a new journey with our latest client: a group of 12 pioneering sustainable lodges and camps in the Maasai Mara and Samburu Conservancies in Kenya. Rooted in community-based conservation and tourism, these lodges offer exclusive experiences of African wildlife, culture, and wilderness in partnership with local communities. Our goal is to help them attract the right audience, ensuring their unique offerings reach those who will appreciate and support their sustainable approach.

Why Sustainable Tourism is a Profitable Market

Sustainable tourism is more than a trend; it’s a rapidly growing sector. With related trends like ‘slow travel,’ ‘ecotourism,’ and ‘staycations,’ there’s a significant demand for mindful travel experiences. The market for sustainable travel is expected to grow by $235.21 billion between 2021 and 2025, and the business travel sector is projected to grow by $335.93 billion from 2023 to 2027. This surge in demand presents a golden opportunity for sustainable tourism businesses to thrive.

Identifying the Right Audience: Who Cares About Sustainable Tourism?

Understanding which generation values sustainability the most is crucial. Here’s a snapshot of how different age groups viewed sustainable travel in 2023, by Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel (Source):

  • Gen Z (12-27): 82% are interested in vacations with minimal environmental impact.
  • Millennials (28-43): 82% share the same interest in vacations with minimal environmental impact.
  • Gen X (44-59): 72% show interest, though slightly less than younger generations.
  • Boomers (60-78): 64% care about sustainable travel but prioritize different aspects.

Which Generation Has the Biggest Travel Spending Power?

Travel spending power varies across generations. Between 2020-2023, the average travel expenditure per trip was (Source):

  • Gen Zs: $2788
  • Millennials: $4141
  • Gen Xers: $5060
  • Baby Boomers: $6126


Conclusion: Focus on Millennials for Sustainable Tourism Marketing

Based on our research, Millennials emerge as the ideal target audience for sustainable tourism marketing. They not only care deeply about sustainability but also possess significant spending power. Gen Xers, with their higher spending power, serve as a valuable secondary group, while Gen Zers, despite their strong sustainability focus, have the least spending power at the moment.

BONUS THOUGHTS: Crafting Messages That Resonate with Millennials

Millennials are drawn to unique, authentic, and cultural travel experiences. They seek exotic and meaningful journeys rather than well-trodden paths. Travel, for them, is a right and an integral part of their identity. 

Read more on crafting messages like this one by Saruni Basecamp (and how we will help them to expand on their current messages) when targeting Millennials in sustainable tourism in our next blog post.


Greetings from Stellenbosch,

Lizanne du Plessis

Why Choose Eco Africa Digital?

At Eco Africa Digital, we specialize in creating targeted digital marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience. From compelling social media content to strategic paid ads, we ensure your sustainable tourism product reaches those who value it most.

Our expertise in tourism marketing, coupled with a deep understanding of sustainable travel, positions us as your ideal partner. With a track record of driving direct bookings and a commitment to sustainability, we help your business thrive in a competitive market.

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