Capturing the Essence of Wilderness with Social Media Reels: A Lesson in Brand Marketing

Posted by Lizanne on Sun June 30, 2024 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

I recently returned from an awe-inspiring few days in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Being there made it clear again how well our safari operator "Wilderness" expertly captures the essence of the wilderness experience in their social media Reels. Learn more:

Emotive Reels on Social Media

During my stay at Vumbura Plains and Mombo Camp, I realized why Wilderness excels in its social media branding and marketing. Their marketing team understands and effectively portrays the emotional connection one feels in such an environment through their social media Reels. 

In our predominantly man-made world, we crave the real, the untouched, the grand landscapes that take our breath away. This is the true value of the wilderness, and Wilderness captures this beautifully. Their Reels, paired with dramatic soundtracks and emotive experiences, highlight the sensory textures and the awe-inspiring landscapes that reconnect us with nature.

The psychology of the senses

Realising that this is what their potential guests are looking for in their day-to-day lives, the success lies in tapping into our psychological need for the wild, the free, the sensory and the tangible, using visual and sound techniques.

For example, in the feature video of this article, Wilderness uses compelling copy like "open your eyes," "wake up," "reminding you that you are alive," and "that you belong here in the wilderness." These phrases, combined with strong visuals of free running over sand dunes, vast landscapes, and close-up scenes of touch and sensory textures, create a powerful emotional response.

In another Reel in the gallery below, we find the short but effective use of an "exhale". This simplicity enhances the sensory and emotive response, evoking a longing to be out there, take a breather, get away from the pace of the city, and stretch out in the wild.

Find Your Audience Online

Wilderness' slogan, "Discover Earth's Ultimate, Untamed Places," encapsulates the essence of its marketing. This is social media marketing at its best, creating a longing to experience the African wilderness and drawing in potential guests.

As digital marketers for tourism, passionate about Africa, we salute the Wilderness approach. By focusing on the sensory and emotional effects of the wilderness, a marketing team should create content that resonates deeply with potential guests. It’s about showcasing the profound reawakening through the senses that the African wilderness offers.

At Eco Africa Digital, we share content of these transformative experiences with your potential guests via your online profiles. Our network of talented videographers and paid ads specialists use the power of digital marketing to connect your piece of Africa with your guests online to drive more direct bookings.

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