• Zanzibar Direct Bookings Success
    Zanzibar Direct Bookings Success

Direct Booking Triumph for Kisiwa Hotels & Resorts

Meeting the Challenge: Crafting Direct Booking Excellence

When Kisiwa Hotels & Resorts in Zanzibar approached us, the goal was clear: enhance direct bookings through their website. Despite having an online presence, both their website and social media lacked vitality, yielding meager results. With two separate websites and an organic-only social media strategy, a cohesive brand identity and a robust paid ads approach were notably absent.

Let's look at Eco Africa's Strategic Approach.

Website Redesign:

We proposed a unified website using Springnest, a cost-effective tourism website solution. Our adept copywriters spun a narrative that showcased the properties and evoked the sensory delight of island getaways.

Revitalized Social Media Presence:

Our graphic design team crafted Instagram Highlight icons and captivating Stories. We introduced a Linktree link on Instagram, breaking limitations and allowing followers to seamlessly navigate various pages on the client's site. The entire social media strategy embraced upgraded branding and content.

Mosaic Reel Videos:

Riding the trend of Reel videos on Facebook and Instagram, we curated short, captivating visual pieces. Mosaic video layouts, island-infused soundtracks, and consistent branding ensured audience engagement and algorithmic success.

Digital Strategy and Paid Ad Campaign Funnels:

Every move was part of a meticulously crafted digital marketing strategy. We designed visual funnels for client involvement, streamlining the approval process and providing insights into ongoing A/B tests for optimal budget allocation.

The Triumph Revealed: Digital Marketing Results 

The results spoke volumes:

  • A 300% surge in direct bookings via their website.
  • A monthly influx of 135 contact forms from an engaged audience in the US, UK, Germany, and France.
  • 1500 "Book Now" clicks per month from this audience.
  • 30 calls per month from the same target audience.
  • A digital footfall of 15000 visitors per month from captivated international audiences.

In the digital realm, Eco Africa Digital orchestrated not just a marketing overhaul but a triumphant crescendo, transforming challenges into a success story for Kisiwa Hotels & Resorts. Elevate your brand with us, and let's script your own success story.