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How To Use Reels To Boost Brand Visibility On Social Media: Real Results from Our Clients' Reels

Posted by Lizanne on Tue April 4, 2023 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

In this month’s blog, we review the effectiveness of Reels as part of our social media marketing strategy for three different clients. This is how Facebook and Instagram Reels boost our clients’ brand visibility to increase their overall ROI—and how you can do it, too.

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Here’s How to Increase Your ROI in Tourism with Smart Marketing - CASE STUDY

Posted on Fri February 24, 2023 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

In our previous blog post, we covered 3 methods to optimise your marketing budget and increase ROI with a collective marketing strategy. Now, we delve deeper into how to make this work in practice with a case study on one of our agency’s most successful clients.

In a nutshell, a collective marketing strategy in tourism entails pooling your budget and resources to ensure both your umbrella brand and individual offerings gain mindshare with your target audiences.

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Here's How to Optimise Your Marketing Budget and Increase ROI in Tourism

Posted by Lizanne on Mon November 28, 2022 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

When it comes to optimising your marketing budget to increase ROI, there is no shortage of DIY guides on the internet. The only catch? Most of them either offer generic one-size-fits-all approaches to marketing regardless of industry or get so technical that you need an MBA just to decipher the content. We’re here to help.

Read on for our definitive guide to increasing ROI through smart marketing, specifically made for the tourism industry and translated from jargon to real talk.

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Here's Why A Great Brand Story Matters: Corporate Identity Case Study for Tourism & Social Media

Posted on Wed October 5, 2022 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

The Salene, nestled amidst Stellenbosch’s best wine farms in the heart of the Devon Valley, needed a brand refresh. Having recently changed owners and rebranded from Zarose, we knew it was important to differentiate this luxury accommodation offering from the many other options in the area. When your competitors all boast stunning scenery, luxurious stays, an incredible location and wedding venues to boot, standing out of the crowd can be a challenge. Our solution? Tell the best story.

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What is SEO best practice in Digital Marketing for Tourism? Steps To Research & Implement Keywords

Posted by Lizanne on Fri August 12, 2022 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising your website for search engines. It is important, because it lies at the bottom of every single successful tourism booking that will ever be made on your website. Why is SEO so important? Because a website that is optimized for the Google Search Engine, will help the search engine to index your website much easier. And when it is properly indexed according to your most relevant products, the search engine can successfully match it with your most suitable potential guests.

This indexing happens according to “key words” that describe the product you offer and which enables the search engine to match your website with a keyword entered in your potential guest’s search.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Tourism: 5 Point Checklist of Areas You Need to Have in Place

Posted on Wed March 2, 2022.

Whether you are the owner of a small boutique hotel, or the marketing manager for a large group of safari lodges, the main question around digital marketing strategy for tourism remains the same: Is my current marketing strategy optimised for the tourism industry, and do I have everything in place to drive as many as possible direct, online bookings via my website, at the highest possible ROI? To guide you through these questions, we've put together a checklist of best practices in digital marketing strategy.

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Exploring South Africa's Northern KwaZulu-Natal: Our Digital Marketing Team for Tourism Went on Safari

Posted on Mon December 20, 2021.

With an office based in Stellenbosch, our team of digital marketers for tourism know the winelands, Garden Route and West Coast better than most, but when it comes to Northern KwaZulu-Natal they need 'refreshers' every then and now. Luckily, one of our clients, Isibindi Africa Lodges, invited us to experience their lodges stretching from the iSimangaliso Wetland Park to the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Park. Here's how it went:

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4 Tips On Creating Social Media Content For Tourism In The Year Of Budget Cuts And Self-Help.

Posted on Thu July 29, 2021.

We all became a bit too comfortable and let’s face it - lazy - before 2020. Fast forward to now, and your title has probably stretched from 'Guesthouse Owner' to include social media manager, content creator, photographer, and online community manager (to name just a few). So here are 4 simple tips on creating social media content for tourism that will make you look like a pro.

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Travel Trends to Consider for Digital Tourism Marketing and Social Media Content in 2021

Posted by Lizanne on Thu February 11, 2021 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

As leaders in African tourism marketing, Eco Africa Digital researched and compiled a document that highlights the most important travel trends for the African tourism industry for 2021.

These include:

1. Smaller Groups & Privacy
2. Regenerative Travel
3. Bye-Bye 9 to 5: Work Wherever You Want
4. Vital Value: Maximising Travel For Less
5. Flexible Cancellation Terms & Safety
6. Travel Bubbles
7. Preference for Outdoor Experiences
8. Rise in Popularity of Local Travel

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Top 3 Systems to Streamline Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality

Posted on Mon September 14, 2020.

As a tourism and hospitality digital marketing agency in South Africa, our team would be lost without the below three systems. They’ve helped us automate and create successful marketing campaigns for safari lodges, luxury guesthouses, and award-winning wine farms across Southern and Eastern Africa.

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