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Visiting Grande Provence: The Grande Dame of The Franschhoek Valley

Posted on Thu July 11, 2019.

We've had the privilege of visiting our client Grande Provence's premises a few times over the past month, and it has been nothing short of spectacular. Here's our roundup of the experiences and many more blog posts to follow.

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Striking A Balance Between Persuasive Online Marketing And Staying True To Your Nature – The Eco Africa Digital Way

Posted on Tue October 16, 2018.

At Eco Africa Digital we enjoy getting deeply involved with the unique strengths and challenges of each of our clients. Once we have a good feel for every unique aspect of their business it’s time to create enticing – yet genuine – marketing copy. It’s time to get creative!

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How to increase off season bookings through social media

Posted on Sat August 4, 2018.

Looking back at some of the tourism clients we have helped in creating awareness within their target markets and converting new customers.

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Are your efforts on social media actually converting readers into customers?

Posted on Sun July 1, 2018.

At Eco Africa Digital we help you develop a social media strategy that engages the right customers and gets them to book directly on your website.

Strength in numbers or quality over quantity? The conversion funnel reveals all.

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What is full-service digital marketing?

Posted on Wed May 9, 2018.

Nowadays you hear more and more stories of how tourism businesses are doubling – and even tripling – their direct bookings by just shaping up their website and adding a social media presence. You might wonder how they’re doing this and if you should look into this thing called digital marketing too.

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