DIRECT BOOKINGS GROWTH with paid ads and mailers - Garonga Safari Co.

At Eco Africa Digital, we partnered with Garonga Safari Co. to revolutionize their digital presence and drive direct bookings through performance-driven digital marketing campaigns.

Client Success Story: Garonga Safari Co.

Garonga sought to enhance their online visibility and engage potential guests effectively. Our comprehensive approach included social media content creation, paid ads across platforms, Google PPC campaigns, and targeted email marketing, all orchestrated into a strategic digital marketing funnel.

Performance-Driven Digital Marketing Paid Ads Campaign 

Within just 6 months of our collaboration, the results exceeded expectations. During the March-April campaign, our goals were surpassed by significant margins:

  • Social Media Reach: Goal = 100 000;  Achieved = 1 300 000
  • Social Media Engagements: Goal = 8 000;  Achieved = 67 000
  • Website Page Views: Goal = 1 200;  Achieved = 4 300
  • Email Leads via Meta: Goal = 15;  Achieved = 296
  • Contact Forms Submitted on Website: Goal = 25;  Achieved = 27

Mailer Drip Campaign

Additionally, we created an email drip-campaign that gets sent out to interested guests who sign up after seeing a call-to-action post on social media. We then send out 4 mailers in a cascading timeframe to create a higher potential for them to click on content and go to the website to book. We had a wonderful 29.58% open rate on these mailers!

Consistency and continuous improvements

The success of our partnership underscores the power of consistency and continuous improvement in digital marketing campaigns. We remain committed to refining our targeting, messaging, and follow-up strategies to further nurture potential guests and drive conversions. As we strive towards Garonga's ideal 20% direct booking goal, we are inspired by our achievements and excited about the future possibilities.

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