About Eco Africa Digital

Eco Africa Digital is an award-winning marketing agency that harnesses the power of a good story, AI insights and digital paid ads know-how to deliver continuous improvement in direct bookings and ROI.


We have been doing this for over 10 years for clients large and niche, targeting audiences that span those on our doorstep to those across the ocean. The thread that connects our work over the years is a deep commitment to the values we share with our clients — showcasing Africa to the world and keeping our continent’s beating heart alive for generations to come through sustainable tourism practices — and the dedication to continue innovating, upskilling, and learning to ensure we remain industry leaders in this niche. 

We are proud of our recent awards at the Africa Tourism Leadership Awards 2023. These included the winner in the categories for Outstanding Entrepreneurship and Outstanding Women in Leadership, as well as being a top five finalist in the category Media & Marketing in Tourism. We are equally proud of being the runner-up in the WTM Africa Awards in the category for Most Compelling Digital Marketing Agency Story in 2023.

Our CEO, Lizanne du Plessis, was first inspired to wield tourism as a tool for sustainability during her Master’s degree research which involved ecotourism in Kenya. Her time amongst the indigenous tribes of that region, and the stories they shared on how tourism truly impacts their livelihoods and the way they view wildlife and nature, was instrumental to the formation of what would become Eco Africa Digital. Lizanne realised that using marketing to bring more people to these wild areas of Africa can directly impact the conservation of Africa's wildernesses.

Fast forward 10 years and our agency has evolved from a humble dream to a small but mighty team of women dedicated to crafting nuanced digital strategies that spread stellar stories online and get significant results for our clients. We are trusted by tourism brands to deliver on our promise of increasing direct bookings and bringing more tourists to Africa. In so doing, we do our part in ensuring our continent thrives for generations to come. 

Meet The Team

Lizanne du Plessis Founder and CEO of Eco Africa Digital Marketing Agency in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa

Lizanne du Plessis

Chief Executive Officer

Lizanne du Plessis is the Founder and CEO of Eco Africa Digital. She thrives on nurtering her team of industry specialists to reach significant results for the dozens of tourism establishments they serve. Growing the team and its client base from a handful of selected properties to an award-winning agency, Lizanne has little time to consider the bumps along the way and has an enormous amount of fun to see it all into fruition. Currently serving 46 establishments and counting, her team often gets an average 5x ROI for their clients, which makes them a sought after partner in the industry. She looks forward to expand the team further and to keep presenting workshops and training seminars on digital marketing to empower the youth in African tourism.

Robyn De Villiers

Digital Content Specialist

Robyn draws inspiration from the boundless beauty of nature, often finding calm in the rhythm of surfing the waves to start her day. Passionate about conservation and travel, she holds a special place in her heart for connecting people with wildlife and the outdoors, fostering a deeper appreciation for the treasures of Africa. With a Bachelor's in Consumer Science, Robyn's expertise goes beyond conventional marketing strategies, tapping into the psyche behind consumer behaviour, shaping strategies that resonate profoundly. Her commitment to sustainability and connection, infused with creativity and insight, fuels our digital initiatives.

Eco Africa Digital - Marketing Agency for Tourism Team

Mothusi Mogorosi

Digital Marketing Paid Ads Specialist

A skilled marketing professional and independent thinker, Mothusi’s innovative and versatile approach to marketing enables him to excel in his field. His unique blend of strategic thinking, creativity, and analytical skills is paired with a strong focus on leveraging the power of digital media and data to boost brand loyalty and visibility, netting outstanding results for our valued clients. A strong leader and forward thinker at work, Mothusi spends his time outside of the office enjoying family road trips across South Africa, watching National Geographic with his son, and immersed in the latest escapades within the Marvel universe.

Carla Kotzé

Digital Marketing Paid Ads Specialist

With a love for styling and all things aesthetically pleasing, Carla joined Eco Africa Digital in July 2018. She is the company's Paid Ads Marketing Specialist and has 10 years of digital industry experience. As our agency's most diligent eight to fiver, she is the one that crosses all the T's and dots all the I's to make sure our clients thrive online! She holds a BA Degree in Applied Design from Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography as well as a Digital Marketing & Social Media Diploma from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. She has since qualified herself as our Google Ads expert in Display Ads and Keyword Search Ads (PPC).

Eco Africa Digital Marketing Agency for Tourism and Hospitality

Tafleen van Loggerenberg

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tafleen's journey in the wine industry has been as diverse as the flavors she encounters. From wine tasting rooms to Freight Forwarding and now Digital Marketing for a wine distribution company, her passion for all things digital is fueled by a relentless curiosity. With a BTech in Marketing and additional courses from Red & Yellow and Udemy, she's constantly expanding her skill set. Outside of work, Tafleen enjoys reading fantasy books, practicing yoga, and discovering hidden culinary gems around Cape Town. Joining our team, she brings not only her expertise but also her adventurous spirit and creativity, enriching our endeavors with vitality and innovation.

Anya Botha

Admin and Finance

Anya has a discerning taste for only the best things in life—quality family time, good food and wine, and strong coffee. She nurtured this taste while working at hotels and guest houses across South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as on cruise ships, before joining the Eco Africa Digital team in 2021. Anya thrives in a structured environment, and her fastidious attention to detail and love for all things admin has ensured that our agency is able to strike the perfect balance between structure that facilitates smooth operations, and room for creativity and innovation.

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