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How To Use Reels To Boost Brand Visibility On Social Media: Real Results from Our Clients' Reels

Posted by Lizanne on Tue April 4, 2023 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

In this month’s blog, we review the effectiveness of Reels as part of our social media marketing strategy for three different clients. This is how Facebook and Instagram Reels boost our clients’ brand visibility to increase their overall ROI—and how you can do it, too.

Social media is a compelling force for brand awareness, one Eco Africa Digital specialises in. 

One of our most effective social media strategies lies in the power of Reels: visually appealing, short-form video content. 

We create custom clips that capture the heart of each destination, offering and activity in a profoundly engaging way. Through immersive storytelling, prospective customers gain deeper insight into each brand and can better visualise their unique features and experiences. 

This article unpacks the extraordinary success we’ve achieved through social media advertising with Instagram and Facebook Reels. 

TrueAfrica specialises in bespoke luxury travel to Africa | Eco Africa Digital | Digital Marketing Agency for TourismA Reel focused on the Great Migration in Tanzania had users flocking to TrueAfrica's website, increasing landing page views by 350%

Our Digital Marketing Objectives

Our core purpose as a digital marketing agency is to attract a wider audience and generate increased leads for our clients, which ultimately translates into a higher return on investment for them. 

To achieve these goals, we focus on bolstering brand visibility, engagement, and traffic through various media channels and marketing formats. We curate digital marketing strategies that reflect each client’s unique offering, capturing their brand in professional and engaging content. 

One of our most successful avenues of marketing has involved advertising with Reels. These fast-paced snippets of content have gained ample popularity on various social media channels, and they’re particularly beneficial within the travel and tourism industries. As an agency with more than 10 years of experience in this niche,  we recognised that Reels present an opportunity to attract a broader audience and connect with existing audience members more meaningfully. 

As the saying goes: the proof is in the pudding. Here’s how we’ve increased brand visibility and boosted traffic for three of our travel and tourism clients.

Image of Mbano Manor Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Victoria Falls | Eco Africa Digital | Digital Marketing Agency for Tourism We used Reels to introduce the stunning Mbano Manor House in Victoria Falls to a previously untapped market abroad

Using Reels To Tap Into New Markets For Mbano Manor Hotel

Mbano Manor Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel in Victoria Falls, contacted us to appeal to a highly specific audience: the Zimbabwean diaspora residing in the USA. Our challenge was to evoke a sense of nostalgia for home and a longing to return to Victoria Falls through visual storytelling. Our carefully-crafted reels reached over 337 983 people in a previously untapped market. 

Emotive Reels To Evoke A Sense Of Being On Safari For TrueAfrica

To attract a wider audience in the USA, this niche travel agency asked us to create a series of reels for them. Our aim was to engage a generally less digitally-savvy audience aged 45 and over with easily-digestible videos that displayed the authenticity of an African safari. After three months of creating and sharing reels, TrueAfrica’s Instagram and Facebook pages reached over 50 000 views, while website traffic to the targeted landing page increased by 350%. 

Boosting Bookings Fast With Reels For Magaliesberg Canopy Tours

Set in the heart of Gauteng's rocky escarpment, this popular adventure company approached us to help increase their bookings. The goal: to receive over 1 200 bookings in December. Since the holiday season was fast approaching, we devised a social media strategy that focused on Reels to bring to life the excitement of canopy tours as a unique activity for families. The result? A 48% increase in website traffic and a total of 1 292 bookings, exceeding the original goal.

Use Reels to soar above the competition on social media like Magaliesberg Canopy Tours

Real Results with Reels

Creating and distributing Reels on Facebook and Instagram for all our clients magnified their brand visibility, helping their social media pages reach and attract a wider audience. This, in turn, sparked interest in their offerings and increased their website traffic. By optimising the sales funnel, we significantly boosted bookings and sales for all three of our clients. 

If you want to expand your reach and secure more bookings this year, get in touch with us, and we’ll get started on creating compelling reels that help increase your ROI.

Want to see the Reels that netted these great results for our clients? Watch the Reels in the Gallery section below.