Striking A Balance Between Persuasive Online Marketing And Staying True To Your Nature – The Eco Africa Digital Way

Posted on Tue October 16, 2018.

At Eco Africa Digital we enjoy getting deeply involved with the unique strengths and challenges of each of our clients. Once we have a good feel for every unique aspect of their business it’s time to create enticing – yet genuine – marketing copy. It’s time to get creative!


With a lodge that offers white water rafting, abundant fly fishing, luxury accommodation overlooking bustling streams, amazing home-made food, and something that we’ve never heard of (the McNab), it was very easy to get creative. Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge provides luxury accommodation and a myriad of outdoor activities on the banks of the Orange river, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Naturally, being off the beaten path also has its challenges.

Challenge accepted!

EAD got to work by turning Gkhui Gkhui’s unique characteristics into great digital content in the form of stunning photos, beautiful design elements, and great marketing copy. All of this came together in a fabulous website that was not only set up to illustrate Gkhui Gkhui’s unique essence but also to be a magnet for search engines, making it easy for anyone to find Gkhui Gkhui when they search relevant words.

Once the foundations were laid, we could work with the owners (the van der Post family) to start telling the story of Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge. Our copywriters set out to create blogs that would entice readers to find out more and to book their stay at this special place. We then started posting links to the blogs on social media with engaging text and compelling creative elements – further spreading the word and targeting the message to Gkhui Gkhui’s ideal customer base.

Website traffic started streaming in and interest in the Gkhui Gkhui story grew. People wanted to hear about animal species around the Orange River and the types of fishing one can do there. They wanted to know how the van der Post family decided to turn this piece of rough, untamed nature into the thriving haven that it is today.

Give the people what they want Customer-centric marketing through personal storytelling

With the growing interest in Gkhui Gkhui’s story, a new level of collaboration between Gkhui Gkhui and EAD was reached and soon, the van der Posts started contributing to the monthly blogs with blogs of their own. The result? Personal accounts of the birth of Gkhui Gkhui, the people behind it, and in-depth articles about the amazing fly fishing opportunities in the area – leading to even more engagement.

Our philosophy

We believe that no-one tells your story better than you. Our job is to help you tell that story and to make sure that it reaches the right people at the right time. For Gkhui Gkhui this meant a stunning website with a thriving social media presence and engaging, personal blogs. What does it mean for you? Get it touch, so we can help you find out.