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Travel Trends to Consider for Digital Tourism Marketing and Social Media Content in 2021

Posted by Lizanne on Thu February 11, 2021 in Digital Marketing for Tourism.

As leaders in African tourism marketing, Eco Africa Digital researched and compiled a document that highlights the most important travel trends for the African tourism industry for 2021.

These include:

1. Smaller Groups & Privacy
2. Regenerative Travel
3. Bye-Bye 9 to 5: Work Wherever You Want
4. Vital Value: Maximising Travel For Less
5. Flexible Cancellation Terms & Safety
6. Travel Bubbles
7. Preference for Outdoor Experiences
8. Rise in Popularity of Local Travel

With an ever-changing market and ever-changing circumstances during the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to know who your current target audience should be and what their needs are at the moment.

In our summarised report, we have researched credible sources and compiled their findings into 9 slides of bulleted travel trends for 2021. 

Click here to view our report on the Top Trends for Travel and Tourism in 2021 and use these to guide your marketing and product decisions for the year ahead.

Travel Trends for Tourism Marketing in 2021