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Where it all started

Posted on Wed September 11, 2019.

It’s strange to think that the story of a thriving digital marketing company started in a small village in rural Kenya … but it did.

It is here where Lizanne Du Plessis – founder of Eco Africa Digital – first envisioned a world where community entrepreneurs could reach far beyond local markets without having to gain specialist knowledge or spend a fortune. A world that would bring together two seemingly incompatible concepts: eco and digital. This is a world that Lizanne wanted to build.

In Kenya, Lizanne was researching how a local tribe took what is unique in their environment, developed it into something that is appealing to tourists and then eventually made some money out of it. This inspired her to spend the next 13 years finding ways of empowering other local communities and nature-based lodges through creative, personalised marketing strategies. She wanted to scale this venture and soon Eco Africa Digital was born.

Today Eco Africa Digital is a leading online marketing specialist in the ecotourism industry. We have clients across South Africa and Africa and we are growing fast. Read our blog to find out more about our vision and what we do for our clients. Our next blog will be about the small, specialised team of people that are pioneering this vision.