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What is full-service digital marketing?

Posted on Wed May 9, 2018.

Nowadays you hear more and more stories of how tourism businesses are doubling – and even tripling – their direct bookings by just shaping up their website and adding a social media presence. You might wonder how they’re doing this and if you should look into this thing called digital marketing too.

For us here at Eco Africa Digital, full-service digital marketing means everything from listening to our clients and designing a unique strategy for each of them, to using the right digital tools to help them reach their business goals. Very recently we did this for the Mont d’Or Hotel Group and the results were incredible.

First, we assessed the position of each of the 5 hotels and guesthouses independently and we helped to set measurable goals for each one. From there we got to work on an all-encompassing digital strategy for each hotel, focusing on what makes them unique. Each destination got a beautiful website, optimised for tourism businesses, blog and social media strategies, and schedules for our high-quality content to get pushed out to new audiences. In just 2 months all five destinations had a thriving online presence with likes, shares and comments coming in from all sides.

With the rising numbers in each monthly analytics report and the strong personal relationship we have with the Mont d’Or Hotel Group, they’re able to sit back and let us take care of business (the digital marketing side anyway). To read more about what we did for the Mont d’Or Hotel Group, have a look at our client success story here.

We love challenges like generating awareness across digital platforms, creating beautiful websites with high-quality content in record time and finding creative ways to increase our clients’ bookings in off-season periods. So, if you have any challenges like these ones or you’d just like to increase your presence online, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.