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Eco Africa Digital (EAD) is an online marketing company, based in South Africa, and working across the African continent as specialist online marketers for tourism destinations.

Eco Africa Digital, or EAD, was founded because of a philosophy – the idea that people should be closer to nature in a world that seems to be moving further and further away from it. In 2013, Lizanne du Plessis, EAD’s founder, felt this disconnect acutely. Her heart was in the wilderness, but her life was in civilisation. She knew her desire for nature and Africa’s wild places wasn’t going to go away, so she decided to build a bridge between her head and her heart. That bridge is Eco Africa Digital.

Eco Africa Digital is a means for Lizanne and her team (all environmental enthusiasts) to do their part to help build, sustain and protect Africa’s tourist destinations. Not just because of their stunning beauty, or because we love working in tourism, but because we know that economic incentives matter when it comes to preserving our wilderness heritage. By helping make tourism destinations economically successful, we help them protect the piece of nature their business is based on.

Since EAD’s founding in 2013, we’ve encountered significant demand for online marketers who are both passionate about and experienced in tourism in Africa. In turn, our approach in working against the superficiality of social media and adding a layer of depth to it, has helped our clients dramatically increase their direct bookings, and change the way they look at the future of their business.

We’re happy to say we’ve met many kindred spirits along the way, and continue to expand our specialist tourism marketing offering across Africa, all while doing our part to help people reconnect with a nature many of them didn’t know they needed.

Meet The Team

Lizanne du Plessis

Founder, Client Relations, Analytics

​Lizanne founded Eco Africa Digital so that she could live out her two passions – ecotourism and online marketing. She has helped many tourism businesses grow their online presence, increase their bookings and expand their international appeal. With an MA degree in Environmental Ethics from Stellenbosch University, a BA in Knowledge Management, Digital Marketing diploma from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business and 13 years' experience in the tourism marketing industry, Lizanne is on a mission to help tourism businesses in Africa grow.

Carla Kotzé

Design & Digital Marketing Specialist

With a love for styling and all things aesthetically pleasing, Carla joined Eco Africa Digital in July 2018. She is the company's Design & Digital Marketing Specialist and has 9 years of digital industry experience. She holds a BA Degree in Applied Design from Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography as well as a Digital Marketing & Social Media Diploma from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. She has since qualified herself as our Google Ads expert in Display Ads and Keyword Search Ads (PPC).

Ashley Burdett

Social Media Content Developer & Manager

All the way from Zimbabwe, Ashley is the youngest member of the team. She holds a BComm Management Sciences Degree and BComm Marketing Honours (Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch University and manages the day-to-day social media accounts of our clients. When not scheduling or updating content, Ashley keeps the office informed with her vast knowledge of all things related to sport.

Jana du Plessis Muller

Copywriter & Creative Strategist

The latest addition to the EAD team, Jana is the company's copywriter and creative strategist. She has 14 years' experience in the industry, including jobs as writer, lecturer and digital creative director. She holds a BA Degree in Publishing from the University of Pretoria, a Diploma in Copywriting from Vega School of Brand Leadership and a Master's in Creative Writing from Rhodes University, and she is a published author.

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