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Give Your Audience What They Want - Video Content.

Your customers want to visualise the experience of your tours and activities. Tourists are spending more time online researching future travel destinations, trying to find the next best trip. Grab your audience's attention - and keep it - with video content that grows awareness about your establishment. Whether you are a Guest Lodge, Safari Lodge, Wine Estate, Golf Resort or an Island Resort you need to sell the experience to potential travellers before they arrive.

Turn scrolls-past to stops-and-stares with the most engaging medium to use on your social feed. We use still images or combine short clips into video content with engaging copywritten captions that get people dreaming about your establishment. Video marketing has proven to be the best way to communicate the story of your establishment to tourists who can virtually share the experiences.

Simply creating a video without understanding the brand and the target market can be a poor investment. That’s why the team at Eco Africa Digital takes all of these factors into account and starts with the story, ensuring the passion, emotion and experience is communicated in the best way. From a strategically planned story the video will get life through quality image/ video sourcing and professionally selected music.