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    Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Make Sense of Stats - From R1000
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We Track Your Brand's Online Performance And Report Back To You.

We provide in-depth monthly reporting on your brand's social media engagement, conversions, growth, and campaign performance feedback. Our comprehensive reports include website traffic, referral sources, website bookings, and geographic spreads to provide optimisation recommendations and adjust future strategies following what we learn from these reports

As the owner or manager of a safari lodge, wine farm, island getaway, or guest lodge it is vital that you can understand resultant data in the reports. Knowing which statistics must be focused on and why is extremely important to convert clicks into direct bookings for your business. Our monthly digital reports help you achieve this.

Each report is accompanied by a tailored video to help you determine which stages in the marketing funnel your potential guests are. Also included in our reporting process is a one on one feedback session where we help you determine how to convert casual visitors into booking customers!