We Use The Digital Marketing Funnel to Drive Visitors to Your Website Which Convert Into Paying Guests. 


This includes:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design & Hosting (Springnest)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Ads / PPC
  • Social Media Content & Paid Ads
  • Word of Mouth / Referral
  • High Traffic Directories (
  • Content Marketing (Blogs)
  • Email Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Email Campaigns (Lead Generation)


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Is it time you gave your Facebook page a professional makeover?

Our expert social media stylists are on hand to design quality content, create well-rounded posts and get creative when it comes to competitions and special offers. We’ll also help you capitalise on local and national calendar events and seasonal fluctuations to help you ride the wave on special occasions. EAD will also work with you to define your audience and promotional budget, and report back regularly on the results of your campaigns.


If you want your destination’s name to come up next time someone searches for what you offer or where you are, talk to us about search, banner and display ads on Google. We’ll do all the keyword research, then create professional, targeted ads to help more people find you. But we won’t stop there – we’ll create multiple ads and track them to find out which are getting the most clicks, and then we spend your search ad budget strategically, so you’re always getting the best results for your money.

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What better place for tourism destinations to help fuel potential guests’ desire to travel than Instagram? With our clients providing a steady supply of stunning vistas and unmissable experiences, we’re able to build and grow significant Instagram followings that we can promote your destination to.


When we help you build your social media presence, we make sure that we get the most value out of your content, which is why we also syndicate your Facebook posts to Twitter as well to maximise your audience, and let people reach you through their preferred channels.


Video is all the rage on social media these days, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it. We’ll create and curate your YouTube channel for you, and embed your videos on your website. And if you don’t have video content yet, don’t worry, we’ll send you an expert photographer and his drone to get some great shots, tour walk-throughs and drone photography of your destination.


Pinterest may not be at the top of your mind when you think of social media, but we help you put it to great use. A single Facebook or Instagram post might get lost in your timeline, but we make sure all your best photography is immortalised on a stunning Pinterest board, ready to give aesthetically-driven Pinterest users a distillation of everything that makes your destination beautiful.



An effective strategy is the first step to great online marketing for your destination. We start with proven online marketing techniques, then work with you to tailor them to your unique destination, needs, budget, and goals. We spend time analysing your target audience to ensure we reach the right travellers at the right time.


Whether you don’t yet have a brand or your existing brand needs an update for the online world, we can help you create a professional brand identity, including logo, design elements and brand persona. We are passionate about unveiling and highlighting your brand's unique selling points in order to launch a brand that stands out and attracts the right audiences.


A good-looking website with great photography and compelling copywriting is the foundation of any tourism destination. If you’ve already got one, we can manage it and update it for you. If you haven’t, we can design and build you one – fast. With the expertise of our partners at Springnest and our in-house design and copywriting team, we can build you a brilliant site in a fraction of the time it would usually take for traditional web design.


A lively, regularly updated website always performs better when it comes to search results, plus blogs are the cornerstone of any good social media strategy. When you work with us, we put our in-house copywriters to work for you, creating unique, original blogs that help showcase why your destination is special, and link to social media campaigns and competitions.


Great photography is one of the cornerstones of tourism marketing, and that’s no less true in the digital age. We’ve got professional photographers on call, and we’re ready to fly them to your destination. Once there, you can just let them loose to shoot still photography, videography, and drone photography. Plus, one of our photographers specialises in architectural photography, so make sure to request him if you’ve got buildings you’d like to showcase.


Our pool of experienced graphic designers are seasoned creatives who understand the intricacies of the tourism industry and will create design work that brings your brand to life. We employ in-house as well as freelance designers to create websites, social media content and brand identities that will attract audiences to fall in love with your brand.

Social media and digital marketing for tourism


Everything we do stems from great words and great images. Our in-house and freelance copywriters come with years of experience in the tourism industry and will create stories that set the tone of your brand, attract audiences and create loyal communities. From blog posts and social media content to website writing and brand stories, our writers create work that captures the essence of your destination and gives potential guests great reasons to visit you.


Everything in the online world is data-driven, and so is our online marketing strategy. For every channel we create or manage for you, we carefully monitor traffic and engagement and optimise based on the performance of different kinds of content and campaigns. And then we iterate, taking what we’ve learned about what works – both for all our clients and for you specifically – and use it to create new content and to come up with fresh ideas to reach new audiences.

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