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Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

Get Noticed by Your Ideal Audience - From R4000pm

If you want your establishment's name to become part of your ideal client's regular feed on social media, talk to us about paid ads to your ideal target audience. We’ll do all the research about your potential clients' interests and behaviours on social media, as well as their locations, travel behaviours and past preferences. Then we'll create professional, targeted ads to entice more people to engage with your brand.

Once awareness and engagement with your brand have been established, we'll start channelling your ideal target market to your website to encourage direct bookings. But we won’t stop there – we’ll create multiple ads and track them to measure which ads are more successful, and then we'll spend your ad budget strategically, so you’re always getting the best results for your money.

Paid Ads for Engagement on Social Media: R4000pm

Paid Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website: R4000pm

Terms and Conditions


- ADS MANAGER: Creation and Management of Social Media Paid Ads Account on Facebook Business Manager.

- FACEBOOK PIXEL: Source and Implement This Tracking Pixel on Client's Website.

- CAMPAIGN SETUP: Setup Correct Campaign to Achieve Desired Results.

- AD SETS: Setup Multiple Ad Sets for Audiences in Different Geographic Areas.

- BEHAVIOUR: Create Target Audiences Based on Behaviour, e.g. Regular International Travellers, Interested in High-valued Goods, etc.

- INTERESTS: Create Target Audiences Based on Interests, e.g. Safaris, Beach Holidays, Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, Cape Winelands, Kruger National Park, Tanzania, Maasai Mara, Table Mountain, etc.

- GEOGRAPHY: Create Target Audiences Based on Specific Geographic Locations, e.g. Currently Travelling in Gauteng, Currently Living in Germany, Recently Back from Travelling, etc.

- LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE: Create Target Audience Based on Similarity to the Client's Database of Previous Guests.

- RETARGETING: Retarget All Users Who Have Engaged With Your Content on Social Media and Direct Them to Your Website.

- ADS / POSTS: Drag Social Media Posts from Client’s Timeline Into the Appropriate Campaign.

- AD COSTS: 50% of Fee Goes Towards Ad Costs.

- FOLLOWER GROWTH: Grow Instagram Followers and Facebook Page Likes with 300 Each Per Month.

- TRACKING: Setup Google Tag Manager, Google Tag Implementation, Google Analytics and Tracking on Nightsbridge/ResRequest/Semper for Confirmed Bookings and Enquiries. 

- OPTIMISATION: Continuously Monitor Campaign to Adapt Budget on the Most Successful Ads.

- REPORTING: In-depth Monthly Report on Campaign Results, Engagement on Social Media, Follower Growth, Likes & Shares, Video Views, Top Performing Posts, Website Users, Contact Forms Submitted on Website, Calls Initiated on Website, Bookings Confirmed Via Website.


- SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT:  Curated Social Media Content Are Not Included. All Paid Ads Will Use the Content as Posted On Social Media by the Client.  To Add Social Media Content, View Our Social Media Content Packages here.

- VAT: VAT Will Be Added for South African Clients.


- ADDITIONAL AD COSTS: For a Bigger Reach and Result Over a Shorter Period, More Ad Costs Can Be Added. Click Here to Discuss Options With Our Team.

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