• Social Media to Grow a Mailing List for Tourism Marketing

Lead Generation & Mailer Campaign

Grow My Mailing List & Send Mailers @ R7500

Using social media to grow an engaged email database is by far the most cost-effective and valuable marketing investment you can make for the longer-term. Not only does an Email Lead Generation Campaign result in immediate bookings for the product or offer you are using to entice your potential guests to sign-up, but it also enables you to directly remarket to them in future.

Eco Africa Digital will make sure that your potential guest has a seamless experience in signing-up for your mailing list on social media. From an enticing image, quality text and sign-up forms, right through to privacy policies and linking automation with Mailchimp, your potential guest will be within reach a few seconds after signing up.

From years of experience in using these campaigns, we've found that combining a Lead Generation Campaign with a proper video on the establishment and its activities lead to the best results. However, good quality images with the right captions perform well too.

Email Lead Generation Campaign @ R7500

Terms and Conditions


ADS MANAGER: Create and Manage Social Media Paid Ads Account on Facebook Business Manager.

FACEBOOK PIXEL: Source and Implement This Tracking Pixel on Client's Website.

- CAMPAIGN SETUP: Setup Lead Campaign to Achieve Desired Results.

AD SETS: Setup Multiple Ad Sets for Audiences in Different Geographic Areas.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Create Target Audiences Based on Behaviour, Interest, Geographic Location, Age Group and Similarity to the Client's Database of Previous Guests.

RETARGETING: Retarget All Users Who Have Engaged With The Client's Content on Social Media in the Past and Direct Them to the Lead Sign-up.

ADS / POSTS: Create Enticing Lead Sign-up Post With Correct Call-To-Action on Facebook Ads Manager.

- AD COSTS: R3500 Advert Costs Paid to Facebook And Instagram.

- SIGN-UP FORM: Create a User-friendly Sign-up Form After Click Through.

- PRIVACY POLICY: Create a Privacy Policy on Client's Website (Required For GDPR Purposes).

- LINK AUTOMATION: Setup an Automated Link Between Social Media and Mailchimp to Seamlessly Add New Email Addresses as Potential Guests Sign-up.

- MAILCHIMP ACCOUNT: Setup a Mailchimp Account or Use Client's Existing Account If Available.

- MAILER: Create Professional Copywritten Text, Image Layout, Design, Booking Buttons and Social Linking.

- DISTRIBUTION: Send Out Mailer To All New Sign-ups As Well As Existing Database (If Relevant).

- FOLLOW-UP: Send Out A Second Reminder Mailer (Similar to Above) To The Whole Database.



- VAT:  VAT Will Be Added for South African Clients.